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Articles in refereed journals
  The Impact of Perceptions in Averting-decision Models: An Application of the Special Regressor Method to Drinking Water Choices " with Celine Nauges,(2016), American Journal of Agricultural Economics doi: 10.1093/ajae/aav046   (WP : Working paper )

"La productivité de l’agro-alimentaire français de 1996 à 2006", with Élise Maigné and Vincent Réquillart, (2014), in Economie et Prévision,

This paper was acepted for publication in 2012, but was published only recently



Working paper, Abstract


"Quality Labels and Firm Survival: Some First Empirical Evidence"   with Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache and Michel Simioni, to appear  (2013) in  European Review of Agricultural Economics". doi: 10.1093/erae/jbs034


(WP :Working paper), Abstract

    "Carafe ou bouteille ?  Le rôle de la qualité de l’environnement dans la décision du consommateur" (2009), with Celine Nauges, Economie et Prévision.(N° 188/2) pp. 61-79.  

(WP Working paper-Abstract

    « Encompassing: Concepts and Implementation » with Grayham Mizon, (2008) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, (70), pp. 721-750 .      
    « Encompassing in regression models : Parametric and non-parametric procedures » with Jean-Pierre Florens and Jean-François Richard, (2008) Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics,  (70), pp. 751-780.    

"Private Labels, National Brands and Food Prices" (2008) with with Valérie Orozco & Vincent Réquillart in the Review of Industrial Organization, Vol. 33 (1) , pp.1-22.

    "Semiparametric Hedonic Price Models : Assessing the Effects of Nonpoint Source Pollution" (2008) with M. Simioni and Y. Surry, Journal of Applied Econometrics, (23), pp: 825–842 .  


(WP )- Abstract

    "Price Effects of Private Labels Development" with Valérie Orozco, Vincent Réquillart & Audrey Trévisiol, (2005) Vol. 3: No. 1, Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization.   (WP )- Abstract
  "Estimation de la demande en eau d'irrigation sous incertitude" with Stéphane Couture and Pascal Favard , (2003) in "Economie rurale", N° 276 pp 17-24.  


    "Irrigation water demand for the decision maker" (2002) with Stéphane Couture, in "Environment and Development Economics", Cambridge University Press, Issue 7.4, pp 643-657..  


    "Dynamics and uncertainty in irrigation management" (2001) with Stéphane Couture in "Economie et Sociologie Rurales" N° 55-56, pp 25-43..  

- Abstract

  Books, translations, book chapters    

I have translated in french all the cartoons of my friend Yoram Bauman (the World's first and only stand-up economist !).

"A Cartoon Introduction to Economics": Micro(2012) and Macro(2014) & "A Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change" (2015).


I also wrote a handbook "Stata par la pratique : Statistiques, graphiques et éléments de programmation" (in French) with Eric Cahuzac, Stata Press Edition (2008, 254p.).
"Is the irrigation water demand really convex ? " (2005) with Stéphane Couture and Pascal Favard in the book edited by Phoebe Koundouri "Econometrics Informing Natural Resources Management: Selected Empirical Analyses (New Horizons in Environmental Economics)", Edward-Elgar Publishers.   - see the book

"Congruence and Encompassing" (2003) with Grayham Mizon, in Stigum, B. (ed.), Econometrics and the Philosophy of Economics. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

See also David Hendry's interview in Econometric Theory (2004-4).

  - see the book
  Articles in non-referred journals    
  "Carafe ou bouteille ?  Le rôle de la qualité de l’environnement dans la décision du consommateur" (2010), with Céline Nauges, Inra Sciences Sociales .(N°2/2010).  

Working paper-English version

Working paper-French version



Conferences   Paper presented
Agricultural & Applied Economics Association 2015 AAEA & WAEA Joint Annual Meeting, (San Francisco, USA), 2015. "The effects of extreme climatic events on dairy farmers' risk preferences" with Stéphane Couture
XIII European Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (Helsinki, Finland, 2013) "Productivity and Efficiency of World Airlines:An Empirical Application with order-m and alpha-Frontiers" with Steve Lawford and Nathalie Lenoir.
Invited conference at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, (Chengdu, China, 2012), "Food Safety Regulation and Firm Productivity: Evidence from the French Food Industry" with C. Nauges, V. Réquillart et M. Simioni.
European Association of Environment and Resource Economist (EAERE, Prague, 2012), "Nonparametric vs parametric binary choice models:  An empirical investigation» with Jeffrey S.  Racine and M. Simioni.

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association 2009 AAEA & ACCI  Joint Annual Meeting, (Milwaukee, USA), 2009.



Thirld World Congres of Environmental and Resources Economists (Kyoto, Japan). Program

" To drink or not to drink (tap water)?" with Céline Nauges
Annual meeting of AAEA (Providence, USA)  

EAAE congress (Copenhaguen, Denmark)

"Confirming Price Effects of Private Labels Development", with V. Orozco and V. Réquillart
Invited speaker for the "50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Academy of Science" (Budapest, Hungary)
"Price Effects of Private Labels Development" with V. Orozco, V. Réquillart and A. Trévisiol

Annual meeting of EAERE (Budapest, Hungary) Program


Annual meeting of AAEA (Chicago, USA)

"Is the irrigation water demand really convex? "with S. Couture and P. Favard
Water resource management -Efficiency, equity and policy (Nicosia, Cyprus)
1999 Annual meeting of AAEA (Nashville, USA)
1996 Séminaire d'économétrie du Gremaq, Toulouse

Econometric Society World Meeting (Tokyo, Japan) Program

" A global encompassing Criterion" with J.P. Florens
1993 Econometric Society European Meeting (Uppsala, Sweden)
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