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I'm still working on several applied project within the TSE research groups "Food Economics" one the one hand, and the "Econometrics and Empirical Economics" on the other hand.

For many years now, I have investigated data visualization for economics and econometrics quite lenghly. I have constructed a Course for the ENSAI (Big Data master). See also my Webpage on Data Visualization (here a picture taken at the Meetup Toulouse Data Visualization ).

I also recently reactivated my Stata skills and animated a 2 day kick-off course on Stata for the PhD students at the university Nancy Lorraine. The webpage with some Stata ressources has also been reactivated.




After the success of the two first volume of the French version of "A cartoon introduction to economics" devoted to microeconomics (2012) and macroeconomics (2014), I have translated " Le changement climatique en BD" and reinforced my connections with my friend Yoram Bauman (the World's first and only stand-up economist !). Jean Tirole has generously written some nice words in the post-face, as  he did for the first two volumes.

You can find excerpt of the book here.

A significant part of my activity has been devoted to work with Céline Nauges on a paper using A. Lewbel's Special Regressor technique. It has been published in the AJAE. (see Publications)

I've accepted to do a short introduction to data visualization at the "Café de l'IMT", University Toulouse Paul Sabatier (see on the right) The slides (in French) are available on their website.

  On the teaching side, I"m working with the dynamic team of Economics Games, and use their wonderful ready to teach games within my courses on revenue management. These games can be tested online too.



I have been invited by Céline Nauges to the University of Queensland, Brisbane, for 2 weeks of research on an application of Arthur Lewbel's special regressor method. An outcome of this very enjoyable visit is this working paper.

I'm working on several tools involving Data Visualization (including Dynamic Data Visualization) using R, among others. I also wrote a paper (in French) on How to use Sweave in Parallel on several files.

On the research side, I'm working on Robust Production Frontiers (alpha and M-Frontiers) from an applied point of view.

I have translated the second volume on macro: " L'économie en BD : La macroéconomie" and reinforced my connections with my friend Yoram Bauman (the World's first and only stand-up economist !).



  A second edition of the Cartoon "L'économie en BD : La microéconomie" (in French, see on the right) is out ! Sales seems to be quite good so far (>5000 ex.).



Back to research after 16  month working for the TSE community within the PIG-TSE project (see below).  I am currently involved in nonparametric production frontier estimation (with Céline Nauges, Vincent Réquillart & Michel Simioni) and in some methodological tools on nonparametric binary choice models (with Jeffrey Racine and Michel Simioni). 

I also did the French translation of the wonderful Cartoon introduction to economics, thanks to my friend Yoram Bauman (the World's first and only stand-up economist !).


From January 2011 to March 2012, I have managed  the project PIG-TSE (TSE computing and IT technical support),. This project aimed at proposing new computing and IT tools for the whole TSE, community. 

The book (in French) "Stata par la pratique" written with Eric Cahuzac is still available at Amazon or Stata Press Edition (48$). See also the review in the Stata journal. The code source used in this book, fully annotated is available for download here (4Mo).

Nb of sales (December 2015): More than 1 300 !




I was involved in an ANR research project on Efficiency and Productivity of an Industry (EPI) with Céline Nauges,V. Réquillart and Michel Simioni. A first study on agro-food efficiency during the period 1996-2006 is under progress (with Élise Maigné et Vincent Réquillart).

A second work focuses on the evolution of firms efficiency over time. We try to identify periods of technical changes and to disentangle effects due to change in the technology (shift of the frontier) from those of efficiency change (shift towards the frontier).(see also the Publications page.)



With Céline Nauges, we have published in a journalistic style paper based on previous research on the role of environment in the probability for households to drink or not to drink tap water (see Publications)


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